Please keep the Africans lifted up in prayer, Thank you!



passion fruit plantation November 2011





Hi my dear sister in the Lord,
Good morning  i hope you are in good health physical spiritual and mentally,
Thanks for your great support i received from you it has help to get
some food and now every body hear is praising the living God,
My wife Melisa Children they have send some greeting to all of you,
And they are thanking for those who deepen in their pocked and
contributed to our needs here in Kenya,
Your prayer has started working some parts of Kenya the rain has
started raining i hope and belief this will happen in  our territory
Continue putting us into daily prayer God to walk with us through this
big wilderness,
Thanks and be blessed,
Your brother in service
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba.


My dear sister in the Lord
Susan Bane, it was so good to hear from you again,
Yes my suggest is that as long you are ready with finances to send  i
will be also ready to make more sufficient and accurate plan to make
things to be easy on my side,
Because on Monday i will be going to look for food and in the same
week i will be buying some big tank to help to keep water,
So it is my prayer that if you are in position to send then i will be
in position of doing all those things,
Thanks you and have  a very successful day,
Looking forward hearing from you again,
Your brother in service
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba.


Hi sister  in the Lord
Susan Bane,
Good morning, i hope the almighty God Jehovah Jire,still sustained you
in his arm,
Sister first and fore most is to thank God, through you for being more
concern with extended family in abroad here in Africa,
Also i give thanks for those who deepen in their pocket and give it to
me now my truck is back to the road, that is why i asked you to help
in to repairing my truck because i new without my truck people will
starve into my hands, Now i know through your prayer God has opened my
mind widely i am planing to go to Tanzania to get Food over there,also
i am planing to buy big tank so that i can bring water from far big
rivers and safe in this big tank so that it can  safe people,s
life,because we have been told with environment and weather people
that until April is when we shall see RAIN so once i have my truck now
i hope and belief God will help me to take care  the flock that God he
has given it to me, as long as i have money to buy food from far and
Diesel to run the vehicle
Thanks and be blessed
Your brother in service
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba




Dear sister in the Lord
Susan Bane, receive our greetings from the Board of the Mission here in Kenya
We are very much warm to hear from you and to see you next year,
the best time to visit in Kenya is the month of late june and early
july, or late November, or early December, acording to our weather
here in Kenya,
O yes I was able to fix some parts of my vehicle, the police man
claimed that his vehicle was also damaged badly and because I was
late to report matter to another police station, just waiting for him
to fix so it was to late to me, to get help from his lnsurence
company, Iven his had no insurence cover at all,so there was no way
out to get help, so l sold my cow and fix it,
you had asked me about planting trees this year we planted passion
fruit for quick harvest and next year we are planning to plant trees,
because the trees take 3 to 5 years to creat money,
l will send you some passion fruit ochard pictures next week, l am
trying to put this project to every church, so that every church will
be self financial sustained,
On december 2 nd through 4 th 2011 l will be contacting ordination to
one of our pastors at Nakuru, his wedding will take place on december
3 rd then ordination will take place on 4th 2011, God has started
leading us in big town now pray with us for this big program we are
facing, sister l have so many things to do but always i need to take
the baby stapes, and also to listen the voice of God to follow his
Thanks pass our greetings to our church missionaries, looking forward
hearing from you again,
be blessed and have good service,
Your brother in service
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba




O yes l got it on time, and put them on budget,
We are going to build small house of two rooms at the Headquarters
and also we are going to purchases. 20 twenty plastic chairs, table
and some few beds,
We have already purchased the material, and also we have already
bought plates,dishes,cups,basins, buckets, spoons,tea boats,big
Sufuria. which can hold 80 to 100 litters, so we are equipping slowly
by slowly, l hope in next two years we will have everything we need in
Sister continue put us in prayer, we have been doing so many things at
the same time,parches sing land, utensils, furniture, seminars,and
constructing churches, we are very much happy with how you have stood
with us here in Kenya, and even Uganda, next you will be visiting
Tanzania,l haven,t gone there yet, l have know money to travel far
distances, thanks and let God, take care of both of you,
Your brother in service
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba.





Hi sister susan
Greet all servant of the lord over there, l know how you are busy
with the service
Of the Lord,
Here in Kenya We are doing well in the Lord, we have finished plans of
the women Conventiion which will start from 11 through 14 th AUGUST
2011, the theme will be
women and the church, the Role of a woman with the Ministry,
We need your prayer for this dates God to accomplish what he has started in both
Side USA and East Africa,
Sister l will be travelling to Tanzania they have been calling me
since Nov. last year
But l have been communicating with them, they want me to go there and
build the Freedom foundation, in Tanzania and also to Cross through
Burundi,Rwanda,DRC congo
I hope when you come next time come prepared to travel East and
Central Afreica,
God is opening more doors for Freedom, this will aply to southern sudan too
pass our greetings to everybody who is standing with this Great work of God,
Your brother in service
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba,



dear sister in the Lord
Thank you very much for your great support, we are going very well
here, we are struggeling to find water,
we have another program of passion fruit there is some specialist on
that they are advising us to involve in to this program, they said
passion fruit pays well,
So we want to try and see if we can plant and give more income to our ministry,
Thank you for your lnformation you give it to me, about Pastor Mate,
and the Mary
you know this is Africa Kenya, for according to our poor ecconomic
people some times,
They may use shortcut to have income,
I will be very sure to update you how we are fairing here in Kenya,
Thanks very much again and again
Your brother in service
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba,
O yes sister in the Lord susan
we are thinking to have both trees and Passion fruit, the trees will
take about three years to bring in money, and the passion fruits will
take eight month to bring money,
So l am thinking to plant trees for the shardow and passion fruits for
farming, also this goes to church few members to make money to support
the Ministry,
we are still doing seminar for this, the passion fruits after 8 eight
months you stsrt harvesting, and it will take another three to five
years before you uproot it and plant new ochard,
Thenk you and God bless you,
Your brother in service
Rev, Hezron Juma Okaba,


On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 9:51 AM

Dear sister in the Lord
Susan Bane you are of much blessings to us, specially to my house,
please be comfortable to get any color the lord will lead you, most important I need is your blessings towards me and this ministry.
My vehicle is still not on the road because of number plate they want me to pay ks,  13,000/=
For the number plate, I believe that is the only issue, and really it is very important to have it on the road because it will help us during conference meeting, we normally  use it to carry people and also to do the work of conference,  also the small  car  which we will be using  mostly when traveling to Uganda it will need  front rear new tires is about ks, 15,000/= and every thing will be okay,
Sister we are meeting our Executive board to morrow on 3rd September 2010 and l don't know if you would like to get shoes to all of board members with there wives? before I ask them there sizes? because I don't want this to become a burden or stress  on your trip, because we have been cultivating this relationship for a long time we should not play with it any more, we love you so much,
And looking forward seeing you face to face.
Thank you for the gift you have send it will help very much
Your brother in service
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba. 


On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 4:27 PM

Our Dear Hezron,
I think that would be awesome! to get them and their wives shoes! Also yourself.
Please do the same thing you did for your wife. What about your children?
I found a size chart to convert to U.S. shoe sizes. I also found a link that you can use to messure
the right size shoe. It would be great for women and children. I attached the doc to here.
We will get you the money to fix both cars. I'm not sure how long though.
We love you so much. Please do not be afraid to ask for the things you'll need.

Love in Christ Jesus,

On Fri, Sept. 3, 2010

Dear sister
Thank you for your prompt answer
I am now relieved  to share this with board members
Also thank you for your concern about my vehicles I believe this is God's doing through you,
Thanks, God bless you in whatever you do.
Looking forward hearing from you again,
Your brother in service
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba. 




We now have pictures of the orphans and their temporary care taker center. Please help by sending a donation for the children. Pictures sent Feb. 1, 2010

The children live in homes of guardians who have given themselves to host 5 to 7 children. They go to the care center on Saturdays for medical care and instruction (teaching).

Children at the care taker center playing

The cook making food for the children

Hezron supplying food to the children after class time

Children enjoying their meal after instruction


Present Care Taker Center

These are the bricks that are being made for the construction of the Mother Church

Pictures below sent on January 9, 2010

Below the pictures is the email from Pastor Hezron. Please keep the children in your prayers!




Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2010 03:39:00 -0800
Subject: RE: Repply



Dear sister In the Lord, Susan Bane
l am happy for your quick respond, yes the meeting was very successful around 370 to 400 people attended, we were Expecting 500 to 600 people and we discovered that due to high transportation in the country because of Christmas holidays, many people could not make it. For now l have'nt took any photos, but there are some people who took it. l will check with them and see if they have developed and have some of  them and send it to you soon as possible.
Sister remember us in prayer there is so many needs, but God of heaven has a very good solution to everything.
Pass our greetings to all Freedom Members in your home. also remember children too.
Your brother in Christ
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba.




Pastor Charles Shiundu Nabango and Unece Wangolo

Hezron performing the marriage

Pastor Hezron Okaba is performing the wedding


From:  hezron juma (
Sent: Fri 11/27/09 12:50 AM
To: Susan Bane (


Hi sister in the Lord
Susan bane
We are all doing well in the Lord, only three days ego,  we had funeral my brothers son passed away,
With the church we are all doing well, only getting prepared for wedding of my deputy Pastor,   Charles  Shiundu  Nabongo,
We have set the dates, on Dec, 1 st -2009 will be the final meeting and preperation of everything,
I will like to put this fucntion on our website.
Please pass my greetings to our brothers and sisters in the Lord,
Your brother in the Lord,
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba.

Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2009 00:53:14 -0800
Subject: Re: FW: greetings


Hi sister
Praise the name of our living God,
l was heading to the seminar at sirende area where l went to teach in Avery big group, they were  about 82 church leaders, you remember the group which joined us last two months with 32 churches, so we went to teach them the word of God, and  our faith statement,  so l had know time to write back to you,
But now l want to thank you and the church for sending us this wonderful support on needed time. Right now we are going to meet for preperation of our one of our pastor who is going to wed on 5/12/2009 (Dec. 12), and also our Annual General Meeting, please stand with him in prayer,
Be blessed looking forward hearing from you again,
Pass our greetings to all church members, and all your house hold,
Your brother in service
Rev. Hezron juma Okaba,
RE: greetings‏
From:  hezron juma (
Sent: Mon 9/14/09 4:24 AM
To: Susan Bane (
Hi sister
Susan bane
It is another wonderful morning, to come back to you again. This morning l walked in to the Post office and got the parcel you send some three weeks back I am very happy for recieving this kind of gift
Another information, l  have bought some few points of land to add on what we bought last year, now we have expanded the land, now it is more biger than befor, also the noigber who is very closse  to the land wants to sell his also, he is demanding ksh, fourty 40.000/=thousand. So also you can put with us in prayer God to open door for this gift of land,
Find the scanning copy of the people who joined us last week
This people they came with every body lncluting their Bishop and all pastors.
They are 29 pastors and 34 it is totalisng our church to be come 51 this is not our work it is Gods work,
Thank you and pass my greetings to my fellow brothers sisters in the Lord,
Your brother in service
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba.
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 04:04:32 -0700
Subject: RE: greetings
Hi sister in the Lord
We are very happy for your concern towards our work here in Kenya.
We make negotiation with our contractor. who is going to construct the church and finish everything and hand over the keys to us, remember proposed material was about
ksh,1,900,000 million and the contractor he is demanding k sh, 530 thousands so now comes K sh, 2,400,000 million oh yes God has his ways to do it, his ways is beyond human understanding,
 we had about four of them but one won the contractor, so he want to start building pillars or beams so we are blessed with him he is very qualified person recommended  with   Government official, and also he has all documentary supporting his skilled  work .
So l and the board we suggested to build same permanent small church which we will use while we continue  building this mother church in next month, which can Accommodated 200 members as we look forward God to accomplish what he has started with in me and my team,
We have been fasting and praying for this and we trust in God to supply to our needs,
Thank you very much and be blessed
Pass our greetings to our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord,
Your brother in service
Rev. Hezron Juma Okaba.