Our African mission trips from 1992 - 2015

1992 & 1995

It was an exciting time for us. We Knew God had called us, we just were not exactly sure how it would work out. After meeting Robert Makona, along with Sylvester & Gameliel in 1989, Robert invited us to come and visit and do a little ministering! We were here for 10 days and had 28 meetings! WOW!

 Below are pictures of a refugee camp that we ministered at. A great deal of the people were coming out of Samolia where alot of fighting was going on. We had to get permission from the local witch docter who was over this large camp, we gave her a hundred pound bag of corn. Several people gave their lives to the Lord!


The Lord tells us to bring the little children unto Him!

We had the privilige to minister at several schools!

Ministry under the moon


opportunities to minister were everywhere




working on the church and digging a well


Nathan and Reggie having a water baptism in the river


a baptism in water

 Sue and Nathan praying for the sick


Our work should always be in the hands of God!

The wonderful people of Turkana






giving away cloths, having communion, and performing a graduation from Freedom Ministries school


Having a childrens crusade. Elijah and Sara hard at the Lords' work!

Making a shower?...


The beginning of our new church


Gabriel working hard at God's work, holdng a childrens crusade!

Nathan ministering and holding another graduation.


Grass huts abound in Africa!

Ministry at several churches around the area:


Time for rest and relaxation....



 Nathan ministering to the people

Elisha and Geneda holding a childrens crusade


Praying for the people

The humble beginnings of a new church


You have to love the hair......


Nathan ministering as the sun goes down!


awwww, the gift of a chicken!

 Our Overseer/ Pastor, Hezron and Melissa, his wife


Carrying the Word far and wide




diligently studing the Word of God

Feeding the Multitudes

Elisha Ministering to the Children


Ministry continues and prayer over the sick


Geneda and Elisha holding a childrens crusade!


having a water baptism in the river, WOW, what an awesome experience to serve the Lord in this!

Nathan & Sue's Trip to Africa and Uganda in Nov. & Dec. of 2010

Ministry at our Home Base in Lumakanda District


The continued building of our church


Ministry in Lumakanda District


Nathan and Sue        ////       Herzon and Milissa



Nathan perfoming 2 weddings in Lumakanda


Sue with the children    ////       giving away shoes


Ministery at the church in the Elderod District


Susan ministering to the children with Nathans' help with the puppets



Ministry and prayer over the sick in Lugari Serergoit District


You wouldn't believe the traveling on our way to Mount Elgon


Freedom Ministries on Mount Elgon


Ministry goes on even in the furthest reaches in the mountains


The Meal was fantastic served with plenty of love!!



Off the mountain, into the country, where ministry continues at the church in the Muahuyu Bungoma District


Nathan ministering then Sue ministering


Ministry on Flannel, the sun goes down


Many modes of travel


transporting sugarcane on bike and by truck


The Great Baboon


Under the Thatched roof in Bulgari, Uganda Nathan ministers

Nathan and Sue ministering to the church in Uganda


Hezron, Sue, & Nathan


Nathan ministering to the church in Uganda


Sue ministering to the children by flannel       /////       Sue ministering to the church in Uganda


Susan leading children to the Lord  ////      Nathan ministering at the churches of Khabukoshe & Galilaya Mumias District


 Touring Lake Victoria, now that was incredible!!


Ministry at the church Mulukhari in the Butula District


Ministry at the Jerusalum Church in the Butulia District


Praise and Worship at the Jerusalum Church in the  Butulia District

 Giving away cloths at Hezrons house in Shubule, about 12 kilometers from Kakamega right before the leaders meeting


Nathan ministering at the Leaders Meeting at Hezrons home in Shubule, about 12 kilometers from Kakamega

Sue giving instruction to the leaders of our church Districts

The Leaders of the church Districts as well as pastors of Kenya and Uganda

2012 Missions trip to Kenya & Uganda

We had a wonderfully blessed trip to Kenya & Uganda this year, despite the matatu drivers strike going on (due to increased traffic fines for drinking & driving).

We were a part of Gods' plan to bring children into the Kingdom of God


to teach the graduates, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, & teachers!

November 27 through December 10, 2012

Day 1: Filled with travelling

Day 2: Crossing the equator / Meeting up at Hezron's home

Day 3: We had 2 graduations from our Bible Schools throughout Kenya

Nathan teaching / Hezron & Board signing Graduation Certificates

Day 3: Praying over students at the 1st graduation / 2nd graduation students

Day 4:  2nd graduation students: Donna teaching / Geneda teaching

2nd Graduation Students

Enjoying a meal to close the day at the pastors home

Day 5: Hezron & Nathan presiding over the wedding of Consalata & Maurice

Day 6: Uganda: 3 on a motorcycle / Ellie teaching

Day 7:  Donna teaching

Sue & Ellie (as the sock puppet) teaching the children / The children giving their lives to the Lord!

Ellie greeting the church members / Nathan teaching

The Uganda Church (Florence is the pastor of this church)

Geneda, Donna, Ellie, Sue, & Nathan praying over the members

Day 8: Travelling back to our Church Headquarters in Lumakanda, Kenya

Travelling, yep, it was a blast!!!!

Sue wth Ellie as the puppet, ministering to the children

Days 9 - 11: Praise & Worship / Ellie teaching

Donna, Geneda, & Sue teaching the children in a separate building on site with Hezron's son Ben

We were so blessed by the children. They quoted scriptures & sang us songs!

Day 12: Hezron with Melissa (wife), grandchildren, & Rabson (son)

Heading back to Nairobi for our safari trip (see next tab for pictures)